The main goal of BRMS is externalizing the Bussiness Condition Logic from the application code so that condition logics(technically called as rules) can be organized easily without disturbing the application. BRMS reduces the application developer dependency. A business user can directly edit business condition rules using BRMS. Some of the applications of brms are given below –

Banking – loan origination, cross-sell offer management, payment fee calculations, credit risk decisions, etc.

Capital Markets – trade order validation, account onboarding, anti-money laundering compliance, general ledger data validation, etc.

Healthcare and Life Sciences – clinical support, drug interaction assessment, clinical trails date validation, etc.

Insurance – policy underwriting, claims processing, risk rating, commission calculations, form attachments, etc.

Manufacturing – order configuration, validation, contract-based billing, order prioritization, etc.

Public Sector – services entitlement and benefits calculation, tax-fraud assessment, homeland security screening, etc.

Retail – online registration, loyalty programs, offers management, etc.

Telecom – offer configuration, service prioritization and assignment, cross-network billing, etc.

Travel and Transportation – loyalty programs, contract based billing management, ticket pricing, etc.

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