If you are not using the [Glyph Icon][1] Libraries in you designing, then you are missing a lot! Yes glyph icons libraries are very useful, very flexible and very easy to implement via markup in our web pages. There are many glyph icon libraries out there in the internet. Here i have collected the good glyph icon libraries that are updated frequently with the newer stuff.


Font Awesome is collection of scalable vector icons that can be customisable with the help of the CSS. All the icons are based on vector graphics, so they are infinitely scalable. You can also request them with the new icon if you are unable to find the required one.


I would say glyphicons is one of the best glyph icon libraries those are available because of their collection. They have more collection of symbols and icons. Glyphicons PRO, Glyphicons ALL, Glyphicons FREE are the three flavours of the libraries available.


Again the good glyph icon library. IcoMoon have many vector icons and an App too. IcoMoon App gives us the ability to design our own icons. This Library comes in two variants Free and Premium. This have an unique feature – IcoMoon App for designing.


Fonticons is from the creator of Font Awesome. This library is a paid version however they give a 30 day signup for browsing the icons and using them. They brought up the new concepts of Icon Sets, Speeding Up the website with 10x faster icon loads, Custom icons, CSS Toolkit and served from maxcdn. They are providing four different paid version called Blogger, Freelancer, Studio and Agency.

These are the best glyph icon libraries available in the market. Happy learning! Happy exploring!