Rete Algorithm has different enhanced form of variations. Charles L. Forgy had worked on three versions which exhibited more performance and fastness in the systems. They are Rete II, Rete III, and Rete NT. Although there are other enhanced versions of Rete by different vendors like RetePlus by IBM and ReteOO by RedHat, they are not considered.

Rete II

  • Introduced in 1980 as a successor for Rete.
  • Unless Rete, this algorithm is not disclosed to everyone.
  • It had claimed better performance for more complex systems.
  • It is first introduced as part of the CLIPS/R2, a NASA’s popular CLIPS rule-based tool.
  • Backward chaining is included as part of this algorithm.

Rete III

  • Introduced in early 2000’s
  • Results have shown that performance is boosted to 300% when compared with previous versions of rete.
  • The Rete III algorithm is implemented as part of the Blaze Advisor Rule Server, a commercial product from FICO (formerly Fair Isaac Corporation).
  • In 2005, RulesPower was acquired by Fair Isaac Corporation, who obtained a license to integrate Rete III into Blaze Advisor, their own business rules product.

Rete NT

  • Introduced in 2010
  • In an InfoWorld benchmark, the algorithm was deemed 500 times faster than the original Rete algorithm and 10 times faster than its predecessor, Rete II.
  • This algorithm is now licensed to Sparkling Logic, the company that Charles joined as an investor and strategic advisor, as the inference engine of the SMARTS product.

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