Removing white spaces in Java is simple. All we have to do is to use [Regex][1] and replaceAll() method of String class. A small tutorial is given below.

remove white spaces in java {.offscreen}

Tutorial – Remove white spaces in Java

package com.javaindetail.ReplaceWhiteSpaces;

public class ReplaceSpaces {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String sentence = "welcome      to this website is all about tutorials";
    System.out.println("Before replacing white spaces :: "+sentence);
    sentence = sentence.replaceAll("\s", ""); //remove white spaces in Java using regex
    System.out.println("After replacing white spaces :: "+sentence);




Before replacing white spaces :: welcome      to this website is all about tutorials
After replacing white spaces :: welcometojavaindetail.comthiswebsiteisallabouttutorials