Yes this post is about the people who created Java Language. After thorough search over internet and referring many books i got all the names of the people who made Java a Popular programming language. James Gosling is the one who lead the team. Following members are the Java Team.

Java Team Members

James Gosling Patrick Naughton Chris Warth Ed Frank
MikeSheridan Bill Joy Arthur van Hoff Jonathan Payne
Frank Yellin Tim Lindholm Chuck McManis Herb Jellinek
Michele Huff Richard Tuck Patrick Chan Erik Gilbert
Eugene Kuerner Mark Scott Johnson Lisa Friendly Sami Shaio
Bob Weisblatt Kim Polese Kathy Walrath Jim Graham

From left to right - Back: Frank Yellin, Chuck McManis, Chris Warth, Herb Jellinek, Tim Lindholm, Arthur van Hoff, Michele Huff, Jonathan Payne.
From left to right - Center: Richard Tuck, Patrick Chan, Erik Gilbert, Eugene Kuerner, Mark Scott Johnson. From left to right - Front: Lisa Friendly, Sami Shaio, Bob Weisblatt, James Gosling, Kim Polese, Kathy Walrath.

Among all the people in the team, there are some key persons in the creation of Java. James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, Mike Sheridan, Bill Joy, Arthur van Hoff, Jonathan Payne, Frank Yellin, and Tim Lindholm were key contributors to the maturing of the original prototype.