Glyph is a Greek word which had different meanings with respective to the different perspectives. For an example in typography glyph is a elemental symbol that can represented in the different styles that represents the same elemental symbol, in Architecture glyph is an ornamental carved groove, _in Computing glyph is a small graphic symbol. _There comes our perspective! Yes computing – Glyph Icons.

Sample Glyph Icons

  • Glyph Icons are fonts which means you can style them using CSS and effects in web pages.
  • They are [vector graphics][2] and also they are also scalable, which means we can scale them without loosing their quality.
  • Generally we use bitmap images for the icons in web pages, which requires multiple http requests for loading all bitmap icons. But in case of Glyph Icons you can send one http request to load all the icons in your web page.
  • Usually these glyph icon libraries use CDN(Content Delivery Network) which means these glyph icons load faster!
  • They are supported in all browsers. Even in all Internet Explorer browsers!
  • Best way to enhance our website’s design and efficiency.

Thats the crisp story of glyph icons. In internet world there are many [glyph icon libraries][3]. I recommend using the glyph icons in your web pages. Happy Learning and Happy Exploring!